Air Cargo Jumps in 2010 Multi-Tenant Cargo Facility Contributes to Growth

Halifax, N.S. – Halifax Stanfield International Airport processed 28,450 metric tonnes of cargo in 2010 – up 5.7 per cent over 2009.

This increase was due in large part, to the opening of the airport’s new multi-tenant cargo facility. In June 2010, Gateway Facilities ULC, together with Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA), officially opened a $15 million, 40,000 square foot world-class cargo facility, featuring 7,000 square feet of climate controlled space.

“For a client in the seafood business, the ability to ship their high-value products directly to Europe, just hours out of the water, is a tremendous competitive advantage,” explains Jerry Staples, HIAA Vice President, Marketing and Business Development. “And now with the largest refrigerated space with direct airside access north of Miami, we are working to bring international cargo carriers to Halifax Stanfield.”

Cargo traffic is forecast to increase seven per cent in 2011.

“Our air cargo business is a team effort,” says Staples. “From the many cargo and integrated carriers who operate here at Halifax Stanfield to the many importers and exporters who use our airlines and facilities to ship products by air worldwide, we’re all looking forward to accelerated growth,” he says.

HIAA is in the planning stages to extend its main runway which will enhance cargo operations. “Extending the runway from 8,800 to more than 10,000 feet will mean we will be able to handle larger, wide-bodied and heavy aircraft, “ says Staples. “It also means many of these carriers will be able to operate throughout the year, even during inclement weather.”

The sister airport agreement that was signed between HIAA and Incheon International Airport in South Korea is also expected to boost new cargo business through Halifax. Incheon is one of the largest, most progressive airports in the world and ranks second globally in air cargo traffic. This agreement was signed in October, 2010 and the two airports will continue to work together to develop the air transport network between North East Asia and North America.