Please be advised that due to significantly increased fuel costs, fares for local Airport Car Service will temporarily increase by $4.00 per trip, and trips on airport property will increase by $1.00, on top of the following established airport car service fares. This adjustment takes effect as of June 1, 2022. Thank you for your understanding.

HIAA does not receive a percentage of sales as a form of revenue from qualified license holders.

Airport car services are available curbside in the arrivals area for all arriving flights. A one-way trip to Halifax city centre is $72.00 by taxi or limousine. Shared-ride services may also be available. For more information, check at the Ground Transportation kiosk in the domestic arrivals area.

Click here for a link of car service fares. 

Click here for a list of drivers, licensed at Halifax Stanfield International Airport, who offer pre-arranged service.. If you don’t have a pre-arranged agreement with a transportation service, or your flight is delayed, this list is provided for your convenience.